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December ... [Dec. 4th, 2013|11:37 am]
For Moms who are and were Geeks


Well, it's December! Noisy and busy and full of possible cool stuff for geekish moms.

This year both of mine are in college. It's weird that this has happened already. They were just babies!

Thing is, the younger of our spawn has made all kinds of cool friends in college. People who board game, video game, RPG, who pun and read manga and watch anime.

Younger Spawn is introducing them all to things like Buckaroo Banzai and Theater of Blood, and they're introducing her to Renn Faire (she's joined Fight Circle, which is learning how to fight with a sword for choreographed battles). She's also played her first Dungeons and Dragons game (she's done Heroes and Champions previous to this, but that was with OUR gaming group. This is all her own).

Any suggestions for things I should warn her about? I did warn her not to become a Gaming Boor and go on and on and on about her character (a Pixie Rogue) without listening to other people's stories. Anything else?

[User Picture]From: monder
2013-12-04 06:30 pm (UTC)
Remind her to ask about other people's stories, experiences etc. She'll be able to learn a lot if she gets other people started. She should try all the different things like illumination, dancing, bardic, etc, that she can, she'll be surprised at the new talents she'll find. Oh, and don't forget the salt cellar for the "no sh*t there I was" stories. Remember that some places and people will ask her to stay in character all the time so no gaming stories, no modern work discussions.

Remind her about safety for the people she goes places with, and what info she shares. Other than that, being safe and _always_ having your own money and plan to get from where you are, to "home" or another safe place. (along with that is always know where you are going and let someone know when you should be back and who you'll be with, even if you just leave the info taped to your desk where your roommate will see it).

It's a fun time and a good time to collect new skills!!!
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[User Picture]From: cousin_sue
2013-12-06 02:06 am (UTC)
We did the whole "When you're out, don't let anyone else have access to your drink" and how to be safe as an adult in a scary world rules.

And I hope she understood what we said about listening to others' stories.

It's odd to see her entering the world on her own. Her older sister is not a gamer, not interested in the same things. We're also hoping she doesn't get serious about a boyfriend right away.

We told both the girls to date around first, and enjoy themselves. But they told us that girls who do that are perceived as sluts. Time are... odd.
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